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If you want to get the latest news about new releases or movies that have won awards this year then you should subscribe to our magazine. A subscription gives you the chance to explore our magazine in and out.

You will be able to read all the recent articles and those that are in the archive. We offer different types of subscription options for our readers which are mentioned here.

Digital only

If you choose this subscription option, you will be able to access only the online version of our magazine. You will get an email notification about new articles so that you can be the first one to read any news about the movie industry. The subscription fee is only £5.99 per month.

Print and Digital

If you want to get both the digital and print versions of the magazine, then you should go for this option. You can get unlimited access to our archive and get tickets to different events if you are lucky. It will cost you £6.99.

Golden subscription

This subscription option lets you access both the print and digital versions of our magazine. You will get an invitation to attend movie premieres and award ceremonies. You even get the chance to meet your favourite movie personality.

You can take part in the different contests that we arrange for our readers. You will have to pay £8.99 per month for this subscription option.

You can choose any of these subscription options and change from one option to the other if you want to at any time without any fee. You will get lots of information about movies and have a wonderful time reading reviews, interviews, and other things in the magazine.