6 Things You Should Know About Movie Premieres

Have you ever gone to a movie premiere? It’s a very unique experience and the best part is that if you are lucky, you may spot your favourite movie star there!

Movie premieres provide the first glimpse of the movie to a small group of audiences before the movie is released in theatres nationwide and the audiences provide reviews of it. Here are some things you should know about movie premieres.

Postimage 6 Things You Should Know About Movie Premieres Arrive early - 6 Things You Should Know About Movie Premieres

Arrive early

If you plan to go to a movie premiere, you should arrive early because it can be difficult to find the entrance. Most premieres are not so glamorous, and a low profile is maintained so that it doesn’t attract too many people.

You will see guards at the gate. So, make sure that you have your ticket and proof of your ID to get past the gate.

After party

Usually an after party is held after the premiere. Check your ticket to see if you are invited to the after party or not. You might need a special pass to attend it.

Postimage 6 Things You Should Know About Movie Premieres Red carpet - 6 Things You Should Know About Movie Premieres

Red carpet

You might not be able to make it to the red carpet. You may be asked to go past it through a side entrance. The red-carpet area is packed with photographers and journalists. Also, you must know that the red carpet is not necessarily ‘red’ anymore.

At the premiere of Disney’s Frozen, it was white. The carpet was green at the premiere of Lion King 3D. So, carpets are now based on the theme of the movie.

Cameras and phones

Don’t forget to take your camera and phone because you might not know which celebrity you might come across. But before entering the movie hall you may be asked to hand over your camera or phone to security as you will not be allowed to take photos or film the movie.

Free snacks

At the movie premiere, you might get free popcorn and beverages. So, don’t miss the opportunity to go to the concessions stand and get your favourite drink for free.

Etiquette inside the theatre

Once you are inside the theatre, you are not expected to approach any celebrity. They will only talk to their friends and colleagues there. They won’t talk to any journalist, photographer or fan.

Before the movie starts, the director may come up and give a short introduction about the movie. The entire movie will be screened and after that you are expected to leave the theatre.

You shouldn’t decline the invitation of going to a movie premiere. It’s a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the glamorous world of movies.